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Les résultats sont triés par "Scribe Us"

248 résultats

  • The Rare Metals War

    Guillaume Pitron

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Is the shift to renewable energy and digital devices going to free us from severe pollution, material shortages, and military tensions? Rare metals ar... Savoir plus
    16,95 €
  • Dark Emu

    Bruce Pascoe

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Contradicts the conventional wisdom that native peoples were primitive hunter-gatherers History has portrayed Australia's First Peoples, the Aborigina... Savoir plus
    13,95 €
  • The Family

    Chris Johnston, Rosie Jones

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • A powerful work of investigative journalism about a notorious cult based in Melbourne, Australia, that captured world-wide headlines. The apocalyptic ... Savoir plus
    16,45 €
  • Walking the Camino

    Tony Kevin

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Filled with fascinating observations and anecdotes about the nature of contemporary Spain, this intriguing account tells the story of Tony Kevin, an o... Savoir plus
    15,45 €
  • The Force

    Lyn McLean

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Technology infiltrates our lives so rapidly that few of us stop to consider the potential health implications. Yet could the technology designed to im... Savoir plus
    17,95 €
  • Rise & Shine

    Patrick Allington

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Each morning, the last humans start their day with graphic footage from the front. This is what sustains them--literally. For fans of George Saunders,... Savoir plus
    14,45 €
  • The Angina Monologues

    Samer Nashef

    • Livre relié | Anglais
    • A pioneering cardiac surgeon expertly sews up the heart of surgery. The Angina Monologues speeds from the transporting of a donor's heart up the highw... Savoir plus
    24,95 €
  • Who Gave You Permission?

    Manny Waks

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • A searingly honest, no-holds-barred memoir about a man who shattered the silence about institutionalized child sexual abuse. Manny Waks was raised in ... Savoir plus
    15,95 €
  • The Eighth Life

    Nino Haratischvili

    • Livre relié | Anglais
    • An epic family saga beginning with the Russian Revolution and swirling across a century, encompassing war, loss, love requited and unrequited, ghosts,... Savoir plus
    35,45 €
  • The Lost Boys

    Gina Perry

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • An investigative history of one of social psychology's classic--and most controversial--studies: the Robbers Cave experiment In 1954, a group of Ameri... Savoir plus
    15,95 €
  • The Holiday Murders

    Robert Gott

    • Livre broché | Anglais | Murders
    • On Christmas Eve, 1943, the newly formed but undermanned Homicide division of the Melbourne police force is called to investigate the vicious double m... Savoir plus
    14,45 €
  • Asbestos House

    Gideon Haigh

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Founded in 1888, James Hardie Industries is one of Australia's oldest, richest and proudest corporations. And its fortunes were based on what proved t... Savoir plus
    14,95 €
  • Beloved Land

    Gordon P Peake

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Briskly written and deeply affectionate, the book introduces a set of colorful Timorese and international characters, and unforgettably brings them to... Savoir plus
    17,95 €
  • Dissection

    Jacinta Halloran

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Doctor Anna McBride's life is starting to unravel. The mother of two boys and a dedicated GP, she is being sued for medical negligence -- a case of de... Savoir plus
    13,45 €
  • Speaking Volumes

    Ramona Koval

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • Ramona Koval has been praised as a master of the interview genre, renowned for engaging writers in conversations that are incisive, provocative, and o... Savoir plus
    19,45 €
  • The Wooleen Way

    David Pollock

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • A remarkable memoir detailing a heroic and unswerving commitment to renew the severely degraded land on Wooleen, a massive pastoral property in Wester... Savoir plus
    17,95 €
  • Ten Doors Down

    Robert Tickner

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • The story of a federal minister's remarkable reunion with his birth parents. Robert Tickner had always known he was adopted, but had rarely felt much ... Savoir plus
    17,95 €
  • What Is to Be Done

    Barry Jones

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • A reconceptualized edition of the prescient bestseller, first published in 1982, that alerted the public to the likely impacts of information technolo... Savoir plus
    17,95 €
  • The House in Smyrna

    Tatiana Salem Levy

    • Livre broché | Anglais
    • An unforgettable story from one of Brazil's most accomplished and original new voices, this is a profoundly moving portrait of a young woman finding h... Savoir plus
    14,45 €
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