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  6. Fame, Fortune & Secrets (The Redemption Series, #2)

Fame, Fortune & Secrets (The Redemption Series, #2)

Maeve Christopher
Anglais | Ebook
2,75 €
+ 2 points

What happens when a secret agent is no longer a secret?

"The news broke the day after David and I returned to Los Angeles from our honeymoon in Austria. One of David's girlfriends turned up dead, and the other disappeared. Since David was a secret agent, this was terrible news."

Since Debbie was David's new wife--this was worse news.

With this unfortunate start to Agent David Lambrecht's marriage to his angelic young wife, Debbie, he has only an inkling of the personal and professional consequences which follow.

Scandal fuels a media storm that propels their family members to fame and fortune in the music business. But fame is a double-edged sword that threatens to bring down David, his colleagues, and their families.

As David and his colleagues pursue a traitor that wants the men and their families dead, Debbie unwittingly paints clues that assist them in their mission.

But David's own past becomes the biggest threat to their lives. Can he overcome his past mistakes to save his wife and family?

This book contains an excerpt from Book 3 of The Redemption Series: In the Name of Glori.


  • ISBN : 9781497793545
  • Date de parution : 28-11-12
  • Editeur : HNI Books
  • Collection : The Redemption Series
  • Type de produit: Ebook
  • Protection digitale: /

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