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The Natural Bounty of China is an important book series of 60 titles that comprehensively documents the vast diversity of China's natural resources. China recognizes more than 1,600 products unique to the country - known as geographical indication products. This series describes these products in detail, with each single volume focusing on a particular region of China and the unique products cultivated there, such as Changbaishan ginseng in northeast China to the bean paste of Pixian (the "e;soul of Sichuan cuisine"e;) in the southwest. From the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang to history-steeped Shandong and gorgeously scenic Yunnan, almost every place in the country has produced something that is readily identifiable with it. This series not only makes a major contribution to our understanding of the geography and agriculture of China, but also gives us a greater appreciation of Chinese culture as a whole. This volume looks at the abundant resources and products of Tibet, the 'Roof of the World'.


  • ISBN : 9789814828079
  • Date de parution : 12-03-18
  • Nombre de pages : 112
  • Editeur : Marshall Cavendish International
  • Type de produit: Ebook
  • Protection digitale: Adobe DRM

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