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65.418 résultats

  • Cooperative Information Agents VIII

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • These are the proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA 2004), held at the Fair and Congress Center in - fu...
    69,60 €
  • The Little Book of Sitecore® Tips

    Neil P Shack

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • The main purpose of this book is a light-hearted look at some useful Sitecore tips (current version is 8.2 rev. 170728 Update-5).These tips are target...
    12,99 €
  • Guia del juego de The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Joshua Abbott

    • Espagnol (castillan) | Ebook
    • !Construye la mejor ciudad y consigue mucho dinero!Con la gua del juego de The Simpsons Tapped Out (o Los simpsons Springfield), aprenders exactamente...
    6,77 €
  • Creative Programming

    Geoff Potter

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This is the ninth book in a series of ten electronic books designed to educate young children and school-age students about information technologies a...
    7,84 €
  • Learning Kernel Classifiers

    Ralf Herbrich

    • Ebook
    • Linear classifiers in kernel spaces have emerged as a major topic within the field of machine learning. The kernel technique takes the linear classifi...
    78,75 €
  • 初级会计电算化实用教程(金蝶KIS专业版)


    • Chinois | Ebook
    • 《初级会计电算化实用教程(金蝶KIS专业版)》以初级会计电算化考试大纲为主线,结合各种业务实例,从实际操作出发,对会计核算软件金蝶KIS专业版进行了详细讲解,包括会计电算化基础知识、会计核算软件的安装、初始化设置、凭证处理和账簿查询、固定资产管理、工资管理、往来管理、出纳管理、销售管理、生产管理、采...
    9,40 €
  • digitalSTS

    Janet Vertesi, David Ribes

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Scholars across the humanities, social sciences, and information sciences are grappling with how best to study virtual environments, use computational...
    42,99 €
  • Front End Drupal

    Konstantin Käfer, Emma Jane Hogbin

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This is the eBook version of the printed book. If the print book includes a CD-ROM, this content is not included within the eBook version. "For Drupal...
    37,65 €
  • High Performance Mobile Web

    Maximiliano Firtman

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Optimize the performance of your mobile websites and webapps to the extreme. With this hands-on book, veteran mobile and web developer Maximiliano Fir...
    35,56 €
  • AutoCAD 2016電腦繪圖


    • Chinois | Ebook
    • 操作介面更新‧使用功能躍進想用最簡單、最輕鬆方式,完成最獨特3D產品你不能錯過這本AutoCAD 3D繪圖秘笈本書運用AutoCAD 2016軟體結合3D列印技術,教導讀者如何由2D平面轉換至3D立體,讀者也可以在熟悉指令操作之後,發揮自己創意,做出更多有趣好玩的3D產品。 本書分為四部分:第一部分...
    18,30 €
  • Desire After Affect

    Marie-Luise Angerer

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Desire After Affect offers a detailed analysis of the affective turn and its consequences for the humanities.
    41,99 €
  • Концепция информационной системы «Актуализация историко-культурного наследия»

    М. Румянцев, Р. Барышев, А. Усачев

    • Russe | Ebook
    • В статье представлена оригинальная концепция архитектуры и внутренней структуры информационной системы (ИС), позволяющей в цифровом виде интегрировать...
    2,21 €
  • The DV Rebel's Guide

    Stu Maschwitz

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Written by Stu Maschwitz, co-founder of the Orphanage (the legendary guerrilla visual effects studio responsible for amazing and award-winning effects...
    41,83 €
  • Machine Learning and Security

    Clarence Chio, David Freeman

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Can machine learning techniques solve our computer security problems and finally put an end to the cat-and-mouse game between attackers and defenders?...
    53,34 €
  • Mastering Tally.ERP 9

    Dinesh Maidasani

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • CONTENTS:1. Introduction to Tally.ERP 92. Installation and Licensing of Tally.ERP 93. Data Migration4. Creating Masters in Tally.ERP 95. Maintaining C...
    31,37 €
  • SharePoint Server 2016 IT Pro 部署指南

    刘俊哲, 刘中正

    • Chinois | Ebook
    • SharePoint Server 2016 是微软公司旗下的一款面向企业级客户的信息管理平台软件,它可以实现个人、企业团队和信息的整合、组织以及搜索。除此之外,SharePoint Server还可以在不同的地理位置提供数据信息的同步、共享以及高级灾难恢复功能,为企业的数据信息保驾护航。全书共分为...
    20,05 €
  • Scratch

    Pete Benson

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Scratch helps children design computer games, animations, and interactive stories from the ground up and share them with people around the world. In t...
    31,31 €
  • Электронная почта

    Алексей Сурядный

    • Russe | Ebook
    • Эта книга расскажет Вам, как быстро и легко научиться работать с электронной почтой. Вы научитесь создавать электронные почтовые ящики на бесплатных с...
    1,25 €
  • What Works in K-12 Online Learning

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • A new form of distance learning, online learning is education in which instruction and content comprising a formal course of study are delivered prima...
    13,54 €
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