Body Rides

E-book | Richard Laymon

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A gripping horror novel of the supernatural and macabre 
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Body Rides is a bold and brilliant horror from the master of the macabre, Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Stephen King and Joe Hill.

Ever since the LA riots Neal has carried a pistol in his car - and tonight he needs it. He shoots a man assaulting a woman tied naked to a tree by the freeway. As a reward, Elise gives Neal a magic bracelet that enables him to step inside other people, to see through their eyes and experience their feelings. To take 'body rides'.

Neal returns to check on the man he shot. But the man is not dead - he's alive and breathing vengeance. First he's going to finish the job on Elise, then he's going to butcher Neal. But this time, with the help of the bracelet, Neal can look inside his would-be killer's skull...

'A wonderful book that at times was gruesome, at times laugh out loud'

'Having read all of Richard Laymon's books this is certainly one of the best, full of his normal twists, turns and crazy characters'

'Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? Always'


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