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Tourisme & Voyages

22.084 résultats

  • Moon Nevada

    Scott Smith

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Whether you're an adventure junkie, road-tripper, or card shark, Nevada has something for you. Pull off the perfect trip to the Silver State with Moon...
    11,99 €
  • Toskana Süd

    Rolf Goetz

    • Allemand | Ebook
    • Die Toskana ist einzigartig! Jahrhundertelang formte der Mensch einen Lebensraum, der sich dem Besucher heute als Gesamtkunstwerk präsentiert. Wer ken...
    12,99 €
  • Top 10 Chicago

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • An unbeatable guide to Chicago, includes insider tips and ideas, colour maps, top 10 lists all designed to help you see the very best of Chicago. Admi...
    5,49 €
  • DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Sweden

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • The DK Eyewitness Sweden Travel Guide is your indispensable guide to this beautiful part of the world. The fully updated guide includes unique cutaway...
    10,99 €
  • Indonesië Java Bali Lombok Sumatra

    Leon Peterse

    • Néerlandais | Ebook
    • De eilanden Java, Bali, Lombok en Sumatra zijn in veel opzichten elkaars tegenpolen. Het overwegend islamitische Java is het culturele en economische ...
    7,99 €
  • 실크로드의 마지막 카라반 - 통합본

    아리프 아쉬츠

    • Coréen | Ebook
    • 농담처럼 시작된 낙타 카라반의 실크로드 기행 아리프의 실크로드의 마지막 카라반 은 고대 의 방법대로 쌍봉낙타를 타고 실크로드를 따라가는 여행이다. 그는 여행하는 동안 곳곳에서 과거를 만난다. 중국 시안의 축제에서 터키의 축제를 떠올리는가 하면 실크로드를 따라 이슬람 문...
    11,57 €
  • Top 10 Buenos Aires

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • An unbeatable guide to Buenos Aires, packed with insider tips and ideas, colour maps and top 10 lists - all designed to help you see the very best of ...
    5,49 €
  • 원더풀 섹스박물관 & 홍등가 101 : 네덜란드여행자를 위한 스마트 암스테르담투어


    • Coréen | Ebook
    • ● 101장의 사진으로 만나는 '국내 최초의 성(性)박물관' 시리즈 이미 세계적인 관광명소로 자리잡은 '암스테르담 섹스박물관'을 비롯해 전세계 관광도시들은 바르셀로나 에로틱박물관 뉴욕섹스박물관 규슈남근박물관 상해 중국고대성문화박물관 등 자국의 성테마박물관을 경쟁적으로 ...
    10,29 €
  • Ahound the World

    Joanne Lefson

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Every dog has a tale ... and Oscar's is more unique than most! When Oscar found himself on 'death row' in an animal shelter after being abandoned, he ...
    10,49 €
  • Romantic Weekends: Southern California

    Louann W. Murray

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Don't save your passion for a once-a-year celebration or birthday night out, relationships need to be renewed more frequently than that! Profiling ove...
    10,41 €
  • 20 Short Walks near Calais, France

    Lezli Rees

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Many of us are now using the Pet Passport scheme to take our pets with us across the Channel for day trips or holidays in France. This handy guide sho...
    4,18 €
  • Munros and Tops, The

    Chris Townsend

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • When Chris Townsend reached the summit of Ben Hope in Sutherland, he walked his way into the record books. After 118 days in which he had covered more...
    9,49 €
  • HAWAII BY CRUISE SHIP - 3rd Edition

    Anne Vipond

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This new edition covers all the islands and attractions that make Hawaii such a great cruising destination. Extensive shore excursion detail and cruis...
    21,72 €
  • 全球最美的国家公园 (梦幻之旅)

    良卷文化 编著

    • Chinois | Ebook
    • 全球最美的国家公园尽在这里展现,在非洲您能亲眼目睹"非洲五霸",在澳洲您能浮潜至深蓝色的奇妙大海,这里展现的是未经人类文明影响的充满野趣与生机的自然世界。除此之外,《全球最美的国家公园》还将为您提供全球最美国家公园的交通、住宿、美食参考,是带领您神游天下、玩转地球的梦幻指南书。
    15,68 €
  • 원코스 천지창조 완전정복 : 이탈리아여행자를 위한 스마트 바티칸투어


    • Coréen | Ebook
    • ● 이탈리아여행자라면 반드시 소장해야할 '국내 최초/유일한 천지창조 바이블' '원코스 천지창조 완전분석'은 오직 천지창조 단 작품만을 다룬 국내 최초의 가이드북이자 예술입문서로 기획되었다. '천지창조'로 할 얘기가 뭐가 그렇게 많냐구? 기존 책에서 '천지창조'를 한 꼭...
    3,12 €
  • Kansas City

    Andrea L. Broomfield

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Barbecue, fried chicken, chili, and steak: these foods immediately call to mind Kansas City’s reputation for fantastic cuisine. This food biography te...
    41,99 €
  • Viajes de una Psicóloga en Crisis

    Graziela Bergamini

    • Espagnol (castillan) | Ebook
    • El libro tiene lugar en parte en la India, en parte en el mundo mental de una mujer de 36 años, que recuerda un viaje que realizó sola cuando era estu...
    3,49 €
  • Imagine This Valley

    Stephen Legault

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Featuring essays from some of the area's most beloved personalities, this exceptional literary anthology celebrates the landscape, culture, community ...
    10,45 €
  • 1001 Natural Wonders

    Michael Bright

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Let Michael Bright take you on an incredible journey to the most spectacular natural wonders in the world. Spanning every continent and ocean on the p...
    3,99 €
  • Ghosts of Ogden, Brigham City and Logan

    Jennifer Jones

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • From Ogden up to Logan, northern Utah claims more than its fair share of restless spirits. The Ben Lomond Hotel was rumored to be the site of a honeym...
    13,59 €
  • Notes From A Small Island

    Bill Bryson

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • In 1995, before leaving his much-loved home in North Yorkshire to move back to the States for a few years with his family, Bill Bryson insisted on tak...
    8,49 €
  • 涂鸦与圣像


    • Chinois | Ebook
    • 编辑推荐:诗人韩博历时十五年行旅西方各国凝聚而成的旅行随笔。城市的性格透过涂鸦这枚棱镜,折射出多彩的文化历史与哲学思考。诗歌与涂鸦,在城市的角落中相互碰撞,书写的都是城市的简史。说走就走的旅行,可以带上的或许还有对城市文化的深度解读。蜉蝣一般随时可能消逝的涂鸦在韩博的笔下获得永恒。精美图文书,大开本...
    9,40 €
  • How Hard Can It Be?

    Jeremy Clarkson

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • How Hard Can it Be? is the fourth hilarious volume in Jeremy Clarkson's The World According to Clarkson series. How hard can it be... To build a power...
    6,99 €
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