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Judith Oliver
Livre relié | Anglais
39,45 €
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I wanted to write a story based on a woman, a mother, who has lost her husband and must now create a life for herself and her three children. She was raised in the church, but "things" edged God out as the focus of her life. She stopped recognizing her life as dependent and guided by Him, but found that He was always there for her. Often we stray from our relationship with Him, but when we find ourselves seeking Him again, we discover that He is there. He always has been. God is constant. He is never failing. He seeks only to have a relationship with us. If I can speak to someone's heart through my story, and they can become aware of how God has continued to weave their story, even when they were unaware, I will be grateful. Shelly would say, "I looked for Him everywhere. Who would have thought, that at my lowest, I'd find Him right by my side." If that is your situation, I hope you will take a moment, stop, and look Who is right beside you, patiently waiting for you.

I hope this will be the first story of the people that God wove together to form a body of believers who seek only to serve and share His love.


  • EAN: 9781512747508
  • Date de parution : 28-07-16
  • Nombre de pages : 150
  • Editeur: Westbow Press
  • Auteur(s) : Judith Oliver
  • Dimensions : 152 mm x 229 mm
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  • Nombre de pages : 150
  • Langue: Anglais


  • EAN: 9781512747508
  • Date de parution : 28-07-16
  • Format: Livre relié
  • Format numérique: Genaaid
  • Dimensions : 152 mm x 229 mm
  • Poids : 376 g