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Unity from Proficiency to Mastery (C# Programming) EBOOK

Unity 5 from Proficiency to Mastery, #2

Patrick Felicia
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Solve your C# Headaches with this Book

Whether you are new to C# or a seasoned developer just starting with Unity, you may find it difficult to use C# in Unity because:

You are new to C#. You already have some coding experience in C# but you may find that many concepts in Unity (e.g., components) are different from working in straight C# code. You have started coding in C# but you would like more examples specific to C# with Unity, including advanced features.

Regardless of the game that you want to create with Unity, if you want to harness the power of this game engine you will need to understand C#.

Use this in-depth Resource to Truly Master C# and Unity

You may be able to "slap" some code together to get the job done, but you may wish you could understand the code in more depth and be able to come-up with your own code that scales-up painlessly; and this makes sense because if you truly want to create code that is efficient, scalable, and that leverages all the features available in Unity, you will probably need to learn C# in more depth, but also to understand how it can be combined to Unity's built-in libraries properly.

There are plenty of resources out there; however very few explain C# in the context of Unity; and although they may provide code solutions, they may not give in-depth explanations on the C# concepts and the design ideas behind the code, or explain how the code can be optimized, so that you can avoid issues linked to memory or maintainability down the line.

This book was created to answer frequently asked questions about C# programming for Unity. It includes over 300 pages of step-by-step instructions to help you become more proficient in C# for Unity. After reading this book, you should be able to (1) Understand C# and Object-Oriented Programming in-depth, (2) apply these concepts in Unity and implement common game mechanics through the built-in classes available in Unity, and (3) optimize your code so that it is easy to maintain.

Find the Solution to your Problems in this 300-page Guide

After using this book you will be able to solve your C# headaches. Each chapter can be read independently so that you can find and apply the solutions to a specific problem immediately.

Chapter 1 explains C# concepts in-depth so that you can become proficient in C# programming and Object-Oriented concepts (e.g., inheritance, constructors, polymorphism, overloading, overriding, etc.) Chapter 2 shows you how to code and debug C# scripts along with some best practices that will keep your code clean and bug-free. Chapter 3 explains key concepts in linear algebra so that you can understand and use vectors in Unity (e.g., dot products for vision). Chapter 4 acts as a cookbook where you will find sections that explain how key (and frequently used) methods and C# classes can be employed to improve your gameplay, and you can go directly to the section that you need for your game (e.g., audio, detection, user-inputs, reading files, etc) and find both explanations and code examples that you can use immediately. Chapter 5 shows you how to optimize your code and to structure it so that it is easier to maintain using component-based programming, design patterns, and useful structures such as delegates or coroutines. Chapter 6 answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to C#.

If you want to solve your C# programming headaches and to really understand how C# and Unity work together effectively


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