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Histoire & Politique

352.116 résultats

  • The Yellow Briar

    Patrick Slater

    • Anglais | E-book
    • The charming remembrance of an Irish orphan who escapes the Great Famine of 1840's Ireland and comes to the New World to seek a fresh start in the pio...
    9,49 €
  • Murat

    Jean Tulard

    • Français | Ebook
    • Si la légende n'a fait de Joachim Murat (1767-1815) qu'un flamboyant cavalier alliant le courage à l'élégance, l'histoire a plutôt retenu son échec po...
    16,99 €
  • Women, Art and Observant Franciscan Piety

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Caterina Vigri (later Saint Catherine of Bologna) was a mystic, writer, teacher and nun-artist. Her first home, Corpus Domini, Ferrara, was a house of...
    120,84 €
  • Crimean War

    Andrew Lambert

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • In contrast to every other book about the conflict Andrew Lambert's ground-breaking study The Crimean War: British Grand Strategy against Russia, 1853...
    46,55 €
  • Worldviews of Aspiring Powers

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Worldviews of Aspiring Powers provides a serious study of the domestic foreign policy debates in five world powers who have gained more influence as t...
    26,01 €
  • Early Modern Trading Networks in Europe

    AnaSofia Ribeiro

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • In the early modern period, trade became a truly global phenomenon. The logistics, financial and organizational complexity associated with it increase...
    46,55 €
  • Walter Harper, Alaska Native Son

    Mary F. Ehrlander

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • 2018 Alaskana Award from the Alaska Library Association 2018 Alaska Historical Society James H. Drucker Alaska Historian of the Year AwardWalter Harpe...
    31,33 €
  • Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Alice Cooper has not formally written his autobiography. But nothing could come closer than this book which, in telling the story of how one of the wi...
    7,19 €
  • Orationes hagiographicae

    Michael Psellus

    • Grec ancien | Ebook
    • Die Bibliotheca Teubneriana, established in 1849, has evolved into the world's most venerable and extensive series of editions of Greek and Latin lite...
    99,44 €
  • Anne Wheathill

    Patrick Cullen

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • The only reliable clues available about Anne Wheathill's life are those contained in her work, published in 1584. She describes herself as a gentlewom...
    46,55 €
  • America's Death Penalty

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Over the past three decades, the United States has embraced the death penalty with tenacious enthusiasm. While most of those countries whose legal sys...
    27,16 €
  • Pretext for War

    James Bamford

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • A Pretext for War reveals the systematic weaknesses behind the failure to detect or prevent the 9/11 attacks, and details the Bush administration's su...
    18,56 €
  • The First World War Retold

    Paul Cornish

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • IWM was founded on 5 March 1917 when the War Cabinet approved a proposal by Sir Alfred Mond MP for the creation of a national war museum to record the...
    7,49 €
  • Captured at Arnhem

    Norman Hicks

    • Ebook
    • Tom Hicks' story begins when he joins the LMS straight from school and follows his early life on the railways in the 1930s, through enlistment, traini...
    13,24 €
  • ...e furono detti briganti

    Antonio Nicoletta

    • Italien | Ebook
    • Con questo libro è la prima volta che viene proposta un'antologia della storia del risorgimento in chiave marcatamente antirisorgimentale. Se ne fa pr...
    4,39 €
  • The Evidence of Her Love

    Keith Kirouac

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Every Person has the same amount of potential to lead a successful life regardless of their physical limitations. Since I was born with cerebral palsy...
    11,89 €
  • Тайная семья Высоцкого

    Борис Кудрявов

    • Russe | Ebook
    • Актриса Татьяна Иваненко занимает в жизни Владимира Высоцкого особое место. Тайна их любви до сих пор будоражит умы современников. Известно, что Иване...
    1,95 €
  • Nuremberg Raid: 30-31 March 1944

    Martin Middlebrook

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This book describes one twenty-four-hour period in the Allied Strategic Bomber Offensive in the greatest possible detail. The author sets the scene by...
    15,90 €
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