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Histoire & Politique

351.133 résultats

  • Тайная семья Высоцкого

    Борис Кудрявов

    • Russe | Ebook
    • Актриса Татьяна Иваненко занимает в жизни Владимира Высоцкого особое место. Тайна их любви до сих пор будоражит умы современников. Известно, что Иване...
    1,95 €
  • Nuremberg Raid: 30-31 March 1944

    Martin Middlebrook

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This book describes one twenty-four-hour period in the Allied Strategic Bomber Offensive in the greatest possible detail. The author sets the scene by...
    15,90 €
  • A Short History of the United States

    Robert V. Remini

    • Anglais | E-book
    • In A Short History of the United States , National Book Award winner Robert V. Remini offers a much-needed, concise history of our country. This acces...
    8,99 €
  • Short History of Roman Law

    Olga Tellegen-Couperus

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • The most important creation of the Romans was their law. In this book, Dr Tellegen-Couperus discusses the way in which the Roman jurists created and d...
    35,06 €
  • Politics of Terrorism

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This concise guide to the politics of terrorism provides a unique selection of resources on this important topic.
    149,18 €
  • Battle for Bunker Hill

    Richard M. Ketchum

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Boston, 1775: A town occupied by General Thomas Gage's redcoats and groaning with Tory refugees from the Massachusetts countryside. Besieged for two m...
    4,06 €
  • Tempering of Russia

    Ilya Ehrenburg

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • A searing picture of the terrible ordeal Russia has undergone, and of the heroism that conquered the German invaders.&quote;Soviet Russia's most noted...
    6,77 €
  • Poverty and Water

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Uses a global spread of case studies to illustrate that water is not simply an issue of physical scarcity, but a politically-driven issue with profoun...
    26,99 €
  • Materia Magica

    Andrew T. Wilburn

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Approaches ancient magical practice through archaeology and social history|This exciting new study draws on objects excavated or discovered in the lat...
    42,84 €
  • Ruan


    • Anglais | Ebook
    • In this remarkable novel, Bryher takes the reader into sixth century Britain-Cornwall, the Scillys, Ireland and Wales. Arthur is dead and the uneasy p...
    5,41 €
  • Johnny Appleseed

    Daryl Davis Zarzycki

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • John Chapman was a simple-living man with a vision to plant apple trees across the Northwest Territory. He wanted the pioneers to have something to ea...
    26,88 €
  • Words & Pictures

    Jenny Uglow

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Words & Pictures explores three fascinating examples of relationships between artists and writers: the illustrations of Paradise Lost and Pilgrim's Pr...
    12,99 €
  • To Stalingrad and Alamein


    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Beginning with the 1941-1942 Russian winter offensive, this volume of the history of the war by Strategicus carries the story up to the gates of Stali...
    5,41 €
  • Biography Of Warren Hastings

    Sir Alfred Lyall KCB

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • An important biography of the first Governor-General of Bengal and architect of the growing dominance of the British in India during the 18th and 19th...
    1,34 €
  • Andrew Luck

    Claire O'Neal

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Elementary-level students are introduced to biographies in chapter-book format.
    26,88 €
  • 世界第一麥方ㄆㄤ':二位麵包師傅,一條堅持的路


    • Chinois | Ebook
    • 林正盛,電影界最溫柔的一枝筆,感動著每個不放棄的夢 「一條路直直走,傻傻地走,走久就通了!」 《世界第一麥方ㄆㄤ'》電影書 林正盛重新撰寫加入更多電影看不到, 與電影主角吳寶春交錯的大時代成長故事 麵包學徒起家的國際導演v.s.世界冠軍的麵包師 他們都是來自鄉下的「天公仔子」,野地裡生野地裡長。 他...
    10,46 €
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