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Nature & Animaux

59.450 résultats

  • Natural History of Canadian Mammals

    Donna Naughton

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • The selections in this section include whales, dolphins, and porpoises.The Natural History of Canadian Mammals is a beautifully illustrated, up-to-dat...
    14,92 €
  • Baby animals on islands

    Bobbie Kalman

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Children will learn about endemic animals, which can only be found on certain islands. The amazing photographs show the land and water habitats of isl...
    23,65 €
  • Pets and Mental Health

    Odean Cusack

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This fascinating new book addresses the most recent research and provocative findings on the use of pets in mental health therapy. The historical basi...
    27,14 €
  • Bird Nests

    Stacy Tornio

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Explains the process and materials that birds use to build nests. This book's colorful photos, clear text, and "A Closer Look" feature highlight the e...
    10,41 €
  • Кот и Пёс №2/2008

    • Russe | Ebook
    • «Кот и Пёс» – журнал о домашних животных. Красочное, богато иллюстрированное издание для тех, кто любит окружающий нас живой мир, для любителей самых ...
    1,38 €
  • Natural Resources for the 21st Century

    R. Neil Sampson

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Natural Resources for the 21st Century is an in-depth assessment by natural resource experts that offers a reliable status report on water, croplands,...
    43,92 €
  • Devoted

    Rebecca Ascher-Walsh

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Unlikely Friendships meets Marley and Me. This heartwarming gift book from National Geographic presents a collection of inspiring dog stories and touc...
    15,64 €
  • JJ's Journey

    Tracy Calhoun

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Tracy Calhoun, a longtime nurse, shares the heart-melting story of working alongside JJ, the Therapy Dog, the brightest and most intuitive dog Tracy h...
    9,99 €
  • Rescuing Ladybugs

    Jennifer Skiff

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Shows how anyone can positively impact the planet by tuning into the lives of our fellow creatures
    16,99 €
  • Fossils (Collins Gem)

    Douglas Palmer

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • This handy guide covers everything you need to know when looking for fossils in any part of Britain and Europe. Many different types of fossilized obj...
    3,49 €
  • Once Upon a Flock

    Lauren Scheuer

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • When Lauren Scheuer decided to raise backyard chickens she never expected the adventures that followed or the extent to which she would fall in love w...
    20,99 €
  • Box of Rocks

    Nick Norman

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Well-known geologist Nick Norman leads young readers into the absorbing world of geology. Budding rock collectors will find out all about the rocks th...
    4,99 €
  • The Belgian Horse

    Sara Green

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • The Belgian horse is one of the largest horse breeds in the world. The largest Belgian in history weighed around 3,200 pounds! Used primarily for driv...
    24,00 €
  • Lunching Leeches

    Lela Stanley

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Most people wouldn't want to be bit by a leech. But can they be used for good?
    1,05 €
  • Rescue Dogs

    Dale Portman

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • These stories of crime and rescue, by retired park warden and dog trainer Dale Portman, highlight the vital role dogs play in saving lives, upholding ...
    8,35 €
  • Pet Photography

    Norah Levine

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • For those who want to combine their passion for both animals and photography, pet photography is the perfect solution. Photographing pets can be a fun...
    26,17 €
  • Cat Poems


    • Anglais | Ebook
    • You Know How a Cat Will Bring a mouse it has caught and lay it at your feet so each morning I bring you a poem that I've written when I woke up in the...
    7,99 €
  • 100 Family Adventures

    Tim Meek, Kerry Meek

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Childhood obesity is increasing year on year. Happiness and well-being levels in children are on the decline too. Children spend lesstime outside and ...
    20,91 €
  • New Flora of the British Isles

    Clive Stace

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Since its first publication in 1991, New Flora of the British Isles has become established as the standard work on the identification of the wild vasc...
    82,65 €
  • Ungulate Animals

    John Mason

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • Ungulates are mammals which have hoofs, or hoof-like structures, on their toes. Zoology students, animal lovers or wildlife enthusiasts will love all ...
    24,45 €
  • Geranium

    Kasia Boddy

    • Anglais | Ebook
    • They are sometimes called storksbills and originated in South Africa. They may be star-shaped or funnel-shaped, and they range in color from white, pi...
    22,75 €
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