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Red Light And Near Infra Red Light Therapy EBOOK

Sarah Jason
Ebook | Anglais
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Red Light And Near Infra Red Therapy: A Guide to Skin Care, Weight Loss, Joint Pain Relief, Accelerated Healing And Recovery Using Miracle Light.

Get the world best kept secret therapy for accelerated healing, fighting skin aging, wrinkles, Lose fat, Rid your body of chronic inflammation, fight the oxidative damage that drives aging, increase strength, endurance, Combat hair loss, build resilience to stress at the cellular level, Speed up wound/injury healing, Combat some autoimmune conditions and improve hormonal health, optimize your brain function and mood, overcome fatigue and improve energy levels. What is this secret? You may ask. It is nothing but Near Infrared and Infrared light therapy. You may have heard of red light therapy but don't know what it is about. In this book, you will get all the necessary information and some clinical proofs of the efficacy of this therapy for overall health benefit and accelerated healing from any ailment.

There are over 3000 scientific studies to proof near infrared and infra red therapy does a lot to keep you ageless, eliminate pains and combat neurodegenerative diseases. With continuous research on making this device handy, there are varieties of near-infrared and infrared therapy device to select from for your therapy session in the comfort of your home.

Sarah Jason simplified all the technical information about light therapy without using too many medical jargons for easy understanding.

Inside this book, you'll learn how to use red/near-infrared light therapy to:

Improve sensation which offers better gauge and balance when walking.

Reduce pain, burning or stinging sensations in the extremities which allow for better sleep at night  

Increase circulation which offers the body decreased wound incidences and shorter healing times.

Improve skin clarity, tone and texture

Increase skin collagen production

Increase testosterone production in men

Reduce joint pain and inflammation

Fading of scars and stretch marks

Enhance weight loss

Enhance and increased blood circulation in the body

Reduce pain caused by fibromyalgia

Hair regrowth

Faster wound healing

Enhance muscle recovery

Enhance athletic performance

You will also get critical information including:

What Infra-red light is

What Near Infrared Light is        

Difference between Near-Infra Red and Infra-Red Light   

Beneficial effects of light energy          

How Red-Light therapy works   

Effects of red light therapy        

Things to consider before purchasing an infrared-Light Device   

Some FDA approved red light therapy devices to consider

Making your Own Infra Red Light at Home   

Clinically Proven Benefits of Near and Infra Red Therapy 

Infra Red for Fat Reduction and Weight Loss

Reversing Alzheimer and Parkinson      

Light for Killing Cancer Cells


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