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Stop Anxiety: Stop Depression & Stress, Build Self-Confidence, Stay Motivated & Live Your Dreams

Dr. Michael Ericsson
Ebook | Anglais
2,99 €
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Stop Anxiety: Stop Depression & Stress, Build Self-Confidence, Stay Motivated & Live Your Dreams

If you want to Master Self-Confidence, Overcome Social Anxiety & Self Doubt, Improve Body Language & Feel The True Freedom, then this is your book!

This book consists of great tips and strategies on how to be productive and to be successful with your day to day life.

Many people barely develop self-discipline because of various reasons. It could be stress, lack of motivation, and exhaustion. However, despite these varied causes, there are ways on how you can become a successful person. Self-discipline is not just about controlling oneself, but is about living a healthy, quality and successful life. Learn how to develop self-esteem and enjoy life with the strategies provided in this book. Read on and find out!

What You'll Learn in Stop Anxiety: Stop Depression & Stress, Build Self-Confidence, Stay Motivated & Live Your Dreams...

How to Master Your Communication Skills
How to Make The Most of Your Day with Morning Routine
How to Get Rid of Anxiety
How to Create Great Habits
How to Live in The Present Moment Through Mindfulness
How to Bring Positivity in Your Life
How to Become a Great Leader That Everyone Will Follow
How to Explore Yourself

What You'll Also Discover Inside...

Set smaller goals. I don't mean that you should not reach for the stars, however, I do know that to get to the stars you need to first get into the atmosphere. Feeling good about yourself is a constant process. Confidence does not just happen overnight. When you look at your life goals consider breaking them up into smaller, stepping stones to the end result. This way you can have a constant flow of positive reinforcement as you achieve the steps along the journey of life.

Positive statements. Remember the choice-to train? I know, I can, I know, I can! Positive statements are not about being oblivious to the not so positive but is about the right framing of your reality. Ever the most unpleasant event can be stated in some form of a positive statement. These statements allow you to build a productive positive outlook on life which supports your confidence in life. Having a positive outlook on life allows you to access far more of your abilities, thus, you are able to achieve more every day.

Appearance is everything. When you look good you feel good. Simple. If you are walking around looking like you just got out of a rubbish bin, you probably won't be too confident about yourself. We all know how you feel when you walk out of the hairdresser, you walk a bit taller, you walk with purpose. So look after yourself and dress your best and you will feel your best. You know your best features to show them off!

This book will help you improve emotional intelligence and self-confidence in both your work and personal life.  

Improving yourself takes time and effort. You have to be willing to make the changes and be committed to taking action rather than just reading about them.   

The next step is to follow the given steps and start understanding yourself, your environment and the factors that will drive you to passionate success.


  • ISBN : 9781386246879
  • Date de parution : 27-08-18
  • Editeur : Dr. Michael Ericsson
  • Type de produit: Ebook
  • Protection digitale: /

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