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Twisted Beautiee 5

An Erotic Thriller

Tracy Wilson
Livre broché | Anglais | Twisted | n° 5
20,95 €
+ 41 points
Livraison 1 à 4 semaines
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Livraison en Belgique: 3,99 €
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I started feeling uneasy as soon as she walked towards me... "Hello..." she said, smiling..."Hello..." I said as I reached for my drink..."Wait..." she said as she reached for my hand... "Bartender - put this on my tab...""Thank you - I appreciate it - but...""You're not interested... I understand... is that your husband over there?" she asked as she nodded towards Bazil. I looked over at Bazil and I saw him smiling mischievously at the both of us..."Yes he is - c'mon - I'll introduce you..." I said as I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards Bazil..."Hey..." Bazil said when he saw us..."Hi my Thirst Quencher - this is... what is your name?""My name is Dontress...""Nice to meet you Dontress..." Bazil said as he took her hand, kissed it, and looked at me mischievously..."Dontress bought me another drink... tee hee hee..." I giggled..."Thank you Dontress..." Bazil said as he pulled me close to him..."You're welcome - would you like a drink as well?""No thank you," Bazil answered..."I saw you both dancing earlier... May I dance with you?""That's up to my wife...""Would you like to dance with her... my Thirst Quencher?""Only if you join us..." Bazil breathed..."Okay..." I breathed as Bazil took us both onto the dance floor. We were all dancing to the beat of something besides the music and we were both holding onto Bazil. Bazil leaned towards me and kissed me fully and, to our surprise, Dontress pulled Bazil's face to her, and kissed him. Before I could react, Bazil turned to me and kissed me again, pulling me closer this time, kissing me longer... and, just like before, Dontress pulled Bazil's face to her and kissed him again. I could tell Bazil was hesitating and wasn't sure if I was comfortable with what was happening so I pulled Dontress closer and kissed her while we both held on to Bazil..."Mmmmmm... this is nice..." Bazil breathed..."It certainly is..." Dontress breathed...""Let's continue this in private..." Bazil breathed...


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Auteur(s) :


Nombre de pages :
Collection :
n° 5


Date de parution :
Livre broché
Format numérique:
Trade paperback (VS)
Dimensions :
127 mm x 203 mm
Poids :
208 g

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